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Through analysis of the methods buyers use to locate properties, the Condos In Fairfield County team identifies and develops effective marketing strategies for their clients. We regularly perform detailed market studies, analyze trends and review the specifics of current market dynamics in order to generate a property-specific strategy that meets the goals of both buyers and sellers. Web sites such as this represent the cornerstone of our internet strategy.

Tom Hanson

Tom HansonAs an executive in the financial technology field for over 35 years, Tom Hanson developed many leading edge systems for the industry. Many of these innovations are still utilized today, 10 years later. In 2002, Tom turned in his corporate suit and chose to adapt his innovative methods for real estate. As a resident he was able to become closely involved in his home community of Darien.

Tom became one of the most successful realtors in the Fairfield County market and was an early witness to the paradigm shift to the Internet. Staying ahead of the curve, he uses his IT expertise to adapt systems, broaden strategies and expand alliances that maximize seller profitability and exposure and enhance the buyer experience with comprehensive purchasing resources.

Hayes House

Adams Mill River Entrance

Adams Mill River View

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